The Jinx Hamilton Series


Set in fictional Briar Hollow, North Carolina, the Jinx Hamilton Series follows the adventures of Jinx Hamilton, an ex-waitress turned witch who inherits an eclectic general story and magical powers from her “Crazy Aunt Fiona.” 

The books begin with the prequel novella Witch in Waiting told from the point of view of Jinx’s best friend, Tori Andrews. Delving into the mountain magic of the Appalachians, the novella provides context for the first full length novel, Witch at Heart.

In that story, Jinx and Tori, pursue a serial killer to help a homeless ghost find peace. The series arc develops rapidly in books three and four, Witch at Odds and Witch at Last.

Juliette Harper has created a full-blown paranormal urban fantasy world complete with Ancient Fae and multiple realms. The mix of lovable characters, whimsical settings, and often humorous adventures will appeal to lovers of J.K. Rowling and Jim Butcher. 

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*The Jinx Hamilton Mystery novels are exclusively published through Glenfinnan Publishing.
Jinx Hamilton novellas are exclusively available on Kindle Unlimited.