Once Upon Nevermore

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A raven offers a deal to a dying man: accept exile over oblivion.

His choice leads to a collision of lives in the Land of Virgo that sets the stage for this four-book spin-off of Juliette Harper’s Jinx Hamilton novels.

When werecat Festus McGregor assembles his team to go in search of a temporal artifact, he doesn’t expect to deal with dragons, a pregnant witch, or Edgar Allan Poe. He finds all three and more in an adventure filled with Harper’s trademark humor, quirky characters, and intriguing plots.

In freeing Poe from his jungle exile, however, Festus unwittingly uncovers a long-buried conflict with the Kingdom of Nevermore, one that will define both his search for the storied Temporal Arcana and Edgar Allan Poe’s search for his lost love, Lenore.

Masterfully reimagined from the pages of history, Once Upon Nevermore begins a magical adventure into the mysteries of scriptomancy in a land where words come to life and the future of a forbidden love turn on the icy breath of a dragon from the cloud.